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  • MNNSI-2021

    from the 12th to the 16th of November

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The conference MNNSI-2021 will be held offline from the 12th to the 16th of November 2021 with on-line web broadcasting (link).
It's also possible to participate online with an option to publish your paper in the Journal of Physics: Conference series (Indexed in Scopus).

Important dates

25.10.2021 – the EXTENDED deadline for abstracts
12.11.2021 – the conference starts
16.11.2021 – the conference ends
25.10.2021 - the deadline for online-participation abstracts (fee and info)


  • Stoletovs' Vladimir State University, Vladimir, Russia
  • Westlake University of Hangzhou, China
  • Russian Quantum Center, Skolkovo, Russia
  • The conference operator - SE Irina Akulova
  • You can download now the announcement

Supported by

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • sponsor  NT-MDT Spectrum Instruments
  • sponsor  Avesta Project Ltd.
  • sponsor  OSTEC Group
  • sponsor  Russian Quantum Center



Sergei Arakelian


Stoletovs' Vladimir State University

Stella Kutrovskaya


Chairman of the OC,
Westlake University


Getting together of young scientists (Master students, PhD students, postdocs) and leading researchers for a joint discussion of actual research problems of modern fundamental and applied physics, modalities of training by research.



Invited talks

Alexey Fedorov - "Probing non-Markovian dynamics of NISQ systems"

Alexey Kavokin - "Qubits based on circular currents of exciton polaritons"

Alexey Povolotskiy - "Hybrid nanostructures based on optical heaters and luminescent thermometers"

Alexey Taichenachev - "Applications of Generalized Ramsey Methods to Atomic Clocks"

Alexander Shkurinov - "Features of nonlinear optical phenomena in the terahertz frequency domain"

Andrey Naumov - "Photonics of sigle semiconductor quantum dots"

Anna Orlova - "Magneto-luminescent nanocomposites for living system applications"

Igor Ryabtsev - "One-qubit quantum gates with single rubidium atoms in optical dipole traps"   on-line talk

Georgy Shlyapnikov - "Superfluid transition in disordered dipolar Fermi gases"

Julia Sheldakova - "Nanotechnologies for adaptive optics"

Natalia Rozhkova - "Role of water in graphene-based carbon nanoparticles and its hybrids preparation"

Mikhail Rybin - "Bound states in the continuum in dielectric photonic structures"

Tigran Vartanyan - "Drastic change of nanostructured zinc oxide properties in the temperature interval of 750 – 770 °C"

Sergey Kudryashov - "Ultrafast multi-scale electron and lattice dynamics during femtosecond-laser microinscription in diamond"

Stanislav Leesment - "Control of environment in scanning probe microscopy"

Valentyn Volkov - "Nanophotonics with Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"

Vladimir Belotelov - "Magneto-optical imaging and excitation of coherent spin dynamics in magnetic dielectrics"

The main conference topics

  • Nanophotonics and metamaterials
  • Novel diagnostics of nanoobjects
  • New physical principles of nanoelectronics
  • Nonlinear optics and spectroscopy
  • Quantum and atomic optics
  • THz photonics
  • New laser sources and emitters
  • Low-dimensional materials and its applications
  • sponsor  Special Russian Quantum Center session "Quantum computing and quantum simulations" (chiefly organized by Russian Quantum Center, chaired by Professor Alexey Kavokin, Westlake University, China)

Preliminary Program

Download Program (PDF)

Social program

The social program will include the pedestrian excursion to places of interest of Vladimir.

Accommodation and conference venue

The conference venue will be held in the Park-hotel Panorama

The complex is located in the center of the city of Vladimir on the left bank of Klyazma river.

We are looking forward to welcoming your soon in a unique atmosphere of the Golden Ring Town: the historic city Vladimir!

Requirements to abstracts

To prepare manuscripts, please use guidelines

The one page abstract must be created using the text editor Microsoft Word (doc or docx).
Page parameters – А4 (210х297); all margins – 2 cm, font - Times New Roman, 12; paragraph -1.25 cm; line spacing - one and a half intervals; alignment - in width; pictures in the file; Microsoft Equation must be used for formulas.

If you are interested to participate the MNNSI 2021 and present a talk/poster, you are kindly invited to send as soon as possible an abstract and a registration form to the conference mail.

As the online participation in MNNSI is free of charge, an option to publish your paper in the Journal of Physics: Conference series (indexed in WoS&Scopus data bases) consists of €100 (for each paper). Acceptance/rejection of manuscripts will be decided by the referees of the journal.

All those who interested to participate at the MNNSI 2021 and present a talk/poster are kindly requested to send as soon as possible a 1 page abstract to the conference to the conference mail.

Mail form


Stoletov Vladimir State University
Gorky str., 87, Vladimir 600000, Russia
+7(4922) 477-796
+7(4922) 333-369